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This book aims an ambitious goal when it tries to capture one of the most controversial and obscure phenomena in Economics, namely the “stock market bubbles”. The author directly leads us to the heart of the topic, when he provides critical analyses of related literature from different economic schools. Special attributes can be derived from mathematical, experimental and literary economics that differentiate bubbles from other regular fluctuations of stock markets. The premier goal of this book is to give a comprehensive explanation for this phenomenon for a wide audience, and to provoke further discussions. Historical cases have been analyzed: e.g. booms and crashes in ‘20s, in the late ‘80s, and around the millennium. A case study of Budapest Stock Exchange between 1996 and 2003 is also added. From time to time we have to reconsider our knowledge on stock market bubbles, since it has a great chance that we are just having a bubble-like phenomenon before our very eyes.

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About the Author

Dr. György Komáromi is Professor in Finance at IBS Budapest, Hungary, and Visiting Senior Lecturer at the School of Accounting & Finance of the University of the South Pacific, Fiji. He teaches courses in Finance in undergraduate and MBA programs. His research interests include behavioral and experimental aspects of financial decisions. He was educated at University of Miskolc (Hungary), Graduate School of Management of Rouen (France), and Pannon University (Hungary), where he received his PhD in Management and Business Studies in 2005. He has been full time Assistant Professor in Finance at Management Development Centre of Budapest Corvinus University (1999-2001), and at Pannon University (2001-2006). He has also taught as Assistant Professor in Finance at the CEU Business School on under- and postgraduate (MBA) programs. He has been a visiting professor at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2004-2005), and has been ERASMUS exchange professor at University of Paris 13, France (2001) and Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences, Finland (2002). He published several articles in topics, such as Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance and Institutional Economics, and he awarded the Earhart Scholarship (USA) in 2003. He is a regular participant in international conferences and workshops.

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Keywords: Asset Price Bubbles, Stock Market Bubbles, Booms and Crashes in Economic History, Tulipmania, Mississippi Bubble, South Sea Bubble, Crashes in 1929 and 1987, Internet Bubble, Behavioral Finance, Experimental Finance on Bubbles, John Law, Charles Kindleberger, John Maynard Keynes, Comovement of Stock Prices